Changing and Adding File Extensions Recognized by Dreamweaver CS4

Adobe has a nice document that somewhat explains how to get Dreamweaver to recognize files by their extension, but it hasn’t been updated for cs4 yet (or maybe they moved it?)

For CS4, edit the Extensions.txt file found in C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Adobe\Dreamweaver CS4\en_US\Configuration

On the first line, find PHP5 and add ,PHP6,PHTML after it

Then hop down to the line that details the PHP Files and make it look like this:


Additionally, the good people over at Magento (nice eCommerce platform BTW) have an article detailing how to do this as well:

5 thoughts on “Changing and Adding File Extensions Recognized by Dreamweaver CS4”

  1. You need to run your notepad as administrator, just go to the c:\windows, find notepad.exe, rightclick and choose run as administrator, in notepad open your file and make your changes and save.

  2. just loaded windows 7 and it seems impossible to edit these files — i get access denied — DW is closed

    ideas on how do add extensions?

    tried with notepad


  3. You forgot to mention the most important part; also editing the MMDocumentTypes.xml file..

    Just spent the best part of an hour trying to figure out why DW wasn’t recognizing my files until I clicked on the Magento link..

  4. Add this to your site… It’s more than 500 Dreamweaver CS4 Extensions. Here is the edonkey / Emule link:
    Just copy and paste the link below over emule or edonkey or select and press CTRL+C 2 times with the software open…


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