Lost Measuring Cup for Dash Egg Cooker?

Buy a New Dash Egg Cooker

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Read the Dash Egg Cooker Instruction Manual

Here is the Dash egg cooker instruction manual pdf – but the exact measurement info is not in it.

Measure it Out Directly

Thanks to this customer discussion on Amazon.com.

And to those of you that design products like this, here are a few tips:
Put this list ON THE LID! Make it part of the plastic so it can’t rub off. Print the actual water amounts list IN THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL!

6 thoughts on “Lost Measuring Cup for Dash Egg Cooker?”

  1. I used the big cooker a few times but never really got the hang of making less than a dozen eggs cook perfectly. I even added notes to the measuring cup corresponding to the recommended amount of water for less eggs in the booklet. It cooks 12 eggs perfectly but for less eggs, it’s a hit or miss for me. Sometimes the yolk is too runny, or too set.

  2. Lost my measuring cup / egg piercer. Love the product. Wrote great review “Eggstatic” for Amazon. Any replacement options?

  3. put the water amounts on the lid un a way that it is permanent! or include 2 cups per cooker…or just offer replacements for$1.50/free shipping. or just keep doing half assed production and customer service.

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