Have you lost your Egg Genie measuring cup?

Have you lost your Egg Genie measuring cup?

Here are the amounts  in teaspoons of water:
4 tsp = 6 soft boiled eggs
5 tsp = 5 soft boiled eggs
6 tsp = 3 soft boiled eggs
7 tsp = 1 soft or 7 med
8 tsp = 6 med boiled eggs
9 tsp = 5 med boiled eggs
10 tsp = 3 med boiled eggs
11 tsp = 2 med boiled eggs
12 tsp = 1 med boiled egg
14 tsp = 7 hard boiled eggs
15 tsp = 6 hard boiled eggs
17 tsp = 5 hard boiled eggs
18 tsp = 4 hard boiled eggs
20 tsp = 3 hard boiled eggs
21 tsp = 2 hard boiled eggs
23 tsp = 1 hard boiled egg

Remember that 12 tsp = 1/4 cup

The only way I know to get a new EggGenie measuring cup is to buy a new one

Here is the egg genie instruction manual pdf – but this info is not in it.

And to those of you that design products like this, here are a few tips:

  1. Make the handle the measuring cup!
  2. and/or Put this list ON THE LID! Make it part of the plastic so it can’t rub off.
  3. and/or Print this list IN THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL!

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    1. More water will evaporate through hole without eggs so you need more water to cook one egg because most will evaporate but when its full of eggs most water is recirculating through condensing on bottom of eggs therefore less water

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