So my son bought me some fishing lures for my birthday. . .

If you know me, I’m not a big fisherman; but we’ve been known to drop a line in the lake behind our house every once in a while. Michael enjoys fishing watching me fish.  So today being my birthday and me not wanting anything besides flat screens or HD TiVos nor knowing what a 4 year old should get me, I say to the wife, “take him up to Walmart and let him roam around the fishing department and see what happens.”

Breakfast and presents in bed
Breakfast and presents in bed

So Mike gave me 3 lures that look like sunfish, 2 traditional two-trouble-hook fish-esque lures, and a bag of something that can only be described as dough, pureed grasshoppers, and chicken blood; The first time I opened it, I almost threw up.

So we pinch some of the chicken bread mash onto a hook and throw it in while I start rigging up one of the big lures on the other rod. My first thought is that this thing is way too big for the bluegill and sunfish we drag out of the lake, but we did catch a rather large catfish about a month ago – so who knows. . .

First cast. . . crap, I’m snagged.  Oh wait, no I’m not. Something hit the  hook and is fighting hard. I get it into the grass about 3 feet from shore and the line snaps. Sigh. Wait a second, I can kinda see a mouth in the weeds.  The fish is just sitting there kinda upside down. Somehow my arm grows about six inches and I can reach the fish. But I cant get his mouth. So I just kinda scooped at his body and threw him onto the shore.

Landed a big bass
Landed a big bass

You gotta be kiddin me! First cast. Amazing.

We fished for a little while after that and caught a blue gill and sunfish off of grasshoppers we snatched from the weeds, but nothing like that big old bass. The boy went nuts and took a ton of pictures. He threw most of the catfish blood grasshopper dough puree stuff into the water. We think our spot will be even better next time.  Good Times.

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