Burger King Fail extravaganza

So we don’t come up to the Burger King on Clark Lane in Columbia, MO too often. Now I remember why . . .

1) shake machine broken and they don’t sell ice cream. 4 year old is crushed. 2) water/tea dispenser on self serve machine broken 3) out of ketchup. Girl hands me a pile but doesn’t refill the bins 4) order taker punches in combo but forgets to add the sandwich? 5) hand her $5 for the $3.97 sandwich . . . She uses a calculator to figure out the change, then hands me $1.05 since she’s out of pennies 6) 4 piece chicken kids meal? Nope, today you get 3. Oh and they’re cold. 7) Fries have flecks of black stuff on them. Dirty oil? 8) bathroom is out of paper towels. 9) most every table is dirty, several with trash on them 10) worker comes out to play area. gets on her cell.. discussing a ride to pick her up when she gets off at 8. Says she’s bored, takes trays and exits area. Trash remains. 11) 4 electric plugs in play area don’t have kidproof plug things in em, but the odd plug that is 6′ off the ground does have them

Don’t get me wrong, I expect places to be dirty and the kids areas to look wrecked, but this customer experience failed at every level. Oh wait, one girl just came in and cleaned the tables. Hope lives!

I think we’ll stick with our Burger King on the southside of town.

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