The Next Apple Phone: iPhone OG

Images obtained on the Internet seem to indicate a patent being filed and awarded for an Apple phone. No work from Apple Computers about this “old school” throwback design.  Some call it retro, others call it totally rad and gnarly. I call it the iPhone OG. The iPhone OG (original gangsta) is the must-have gift of the year.

The iPhone OG will change your perception of cell phones

I agree that the Apple iPhone 3G is amazing. But its no old school iPhone OG. This baby has everything a playa needs: all natural “green” design, buttons, a speaker, a leaf-shaped antenna, and that little plastic window to write your phone number in!.

The generous base allows for comfortable shoulder use. The center hinge allows for a balanced top/bottom so you can use the phone as a headrest when on a plane or camping.

Reception is crisp and allows for fruitful communications. This makes the football phone look like a toy.

I’ve heard rumors of iPhone OG2 coming out in red, green, and yellow just in time for Christmas. Although this seems like the logical next step, one can’t help but wonder how many more that Steve Jobs would sell if they emitted a fresh apple scent while you talked.

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