Sarah Palin’s Online Newsletter Completely Broken, Coincidence?

So a colleague twitters that Sarah Palin’s Gubernatorial Newsletter website is completely broken.

By the way, the FakeSarahPalin twitter account is hilarious!

Google only finds the broken site and all the cached versions are also broken.

Ah, but Yahoo has the cached version and all the links work. It appears that someone has moved the site into a “photos” folder by mistake and now the links are all wrong.



Is this a coincidence or is the GOP trying to help Palin hide something embarassing?

If you’d like to read all of the back issues of “A Newsletter from Alaska’s Governor Sarah Palin” then the links are below:

March 2008 Newsletter The Governor announces that she is pregnant in this newsletter. This newsletter does indicate, by the way, she did sign the “Alaska-Yukon Intergovernmental Accord” so she technically does have International diplomacy experience. Now I’m not sure Canada even claims the Yukon Territory anymore, but it IS important enough to warrant a space on the board game Risk. . . or maybe they just couldn’t figure out what else to put there.

This newsletter also shows that President Bush and Governor Palin were in the same room together in 2005. Does anyone else find it odd that Pawlenty, Palin, and Leavitt are all in this picture?  Weren’t they all being considered as McCain Vice President options?

If you want to see several dozen pictures of Sarah Palin during her term, feel free to “thumb” through all the photos . . .just replace the number at the end of this address: Start at 1 and go on up to or so.  Wow, she is good! Almost every picture has her in black or sitting at a table, or behind a podium. But even so, apparently “Palin never got big with this pregnancy

Links to all the ‘Putting Alaska First’ Newsletters

August 2008 Newsletter (Web Report)

June-July 2008 Newsletter (Web Report)

April-May 2008 Newsletter (Web Report)

March 2008 Newsletter (Web Report)

January-February 2008 Newsletter (Web Report)

December 2007 Newsletter (Web Report)

Oh, and if you want to try to hack in and help them fix the site, visit


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