McPalin vs. OBiden

I find it ironic that a blogger website was used to lobby McCain to put Sarah Palin on the republican ticket.

Now lets have some naming fun. . .

McPalin vs. OBiden: The race to the White House

Dear Jon Stewart, feel free to use this. Just put my name in the credits. :-)

Wow, Sarah Palin is almost nude in these cover shots. And be sure to buy a “Sarah Palin, Alaska’s GILF” t-shirt from this cafepress store.

More on Sarah Palin at wikipedia.

Three Senators and a Governor. This should be interesting.

1 thought on “McPalin vs. OBiden”

  1. Watching Sarah Palin shooting a machine gun on CNN is awesome.
    Here is some footage of it

    No, it’s not an AK-47. She was visiting US Troops, not Georgians. :-)

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