Replacement Router Recommendation – NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1750

Many friends ask what network router I would recommend.
Currently, I’m recommending the NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1750 Smart Dual Band WiFi Router (R6700)

If you have not replaced your router in the past 5 years, it is time to do so.
If your network router keeps dropping, there are several things that may be causing this.

What causes network router to drop out

Your router will drop out and a replacement router may be needed for many reasons

  1. lightning near your home or a power spike has occurred. This is the most common cause of a broken router
  2. Something has overheated/broken in the router. They get dusty and overheat
  3. you recently upgraded your connection speed and your old router can’t handle it.  There are max speeds, if you go over that it could cause the router to reset itself.
  4. Weak signal coming in from your provider. This is getting more rare as more houses move to fiber though.  If you have an older house, call your provider and have them check the wire coming into your house

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The Three Broomsticks Logo (from Harry Potter) Huge, High-Resolution JPG and PDF

So, the Internet didnt have any good vector images of the 3 broomsticks logo. So we made one.

22 FEP - OCT 15 _ 23 FEP - OCT 15 _ 24 FEP - OCT 15 _ 25 FEP - OCT 15 _ 26 FEP - OCT 15 _ 27 FEP - OCT 15 _

Three Broomsticks Logo 3333x3333 HUGE jpg

Three Broomsticks Logo 3333×3333 HUGE jpg

Here too is a 9 panel version sectioned into 8.5 x 11″ pieces.  Print them on your printer onto parchment paper and tape em together for a huge sign to hang in your kitchen at halloween.

The Three Broomsticks – logo – 9 panel (PDF)

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Have you lost your Egg Genie measuring cup?

Have you lost your Egg Genie measuring cup?

Here are the amounts  in teaspoons of water:
4 tsp = 6 soft boiled eggs
5 tsp = 5 soft boiled eggs
6 tsp = 3 soft boiled eggs
7 tsp = 1 soft or 7 med
8 tsp = 6 med boiled eggs
9 tsp = 5 med boiled eggs
10 tsp = 3 med boiled eggs
11 tsp = 2 med boiled eggs
12 tsp = 1 med boiled egg
14 tsp = 7 hard boiled eggs
15 tsp = 6 hard boiled eggs
17 tsp = 5 hard boiled eggs
18 tsp = 4 hard boiled eggs
20 tsp = 3 hard boiled eggs
21 tsp = 2 hard boiled eggs
23 tsp = 1 hard boiled egg12 tsp = 1/4 cup

Here is the egg genie instruction manual pdf – but this info is not in it.

Thanks to this customer discussion on

And to those of you that design products like this, here are a few tips:

  1. Put this list ON THE LID! Make it part of the plastic so it can’t rub off.
  2. Print this list IN THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL!

Or just buy a new one :-)

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Bobbin for apples and paintin a gord

Fall Festi-fail at superior garden center. . . . Here’s a hint for the 3rd annual one . . . Make the pumpkins $5 or less

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Drawing shoes wearing pirate hats…with ghost signs

Yes, you read that right.

Everything in green he did. He had me trace a croc (on its side) then “draw the pirate hat exactly like my hat so the croc is wearing the hat.”

He then drew a sign next to each. Each sign had a ghost sitting on it and he put letters like “M” or “Mi” or “h” on them. Can you tell he’s learning to write his name in school?

He drew everything in Green

He drew everything in Green

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You’d think with this many cannons the ghosts would get the hint

If I was a ghost and I came upon this pirate ship, I’d steer clear…. Even if the captain won’t wake up from his nap.

But, I guess it doesn’t hurt to include a sign too.

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Because every pirate needs a “ghost cape” and goatee…

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Hey kid, moving those flags is punishable by a fine or something

Well, I didn’t need that side of the yard marked anyway.

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Burger King Fail extravaganza

So we don’t come up to the Burger King on Clark Lane in Columbia, MO too often. Now I remember why . . .

1) shake machine broken and they don’t sell ice cream. 4 year old is crushed. 2) water/tea dispenser on self serve machine broken 3) out of ketchup. Girl hands me a pile but doesn’t refill the bins 4) order taker punches in combo but forgets to add the sandwich? 5) hand her $5 for the $3.97 sandwich . . . She uses a calculator to figure out the change, then hands me $1.05 since she’s out of pennies 6) 4 piece chicken kids meal? Nope, today you get 3. Oh and they’re cold. 7) Fries have flecks of black stuff on them. Dirty oil? 8) bathroom is out of paper towels. 9) most every table is dirty, several with trash on them 10) worker comes out to play area. gets on her cell.. discussing a ride to pick her up when she gets off at 8. Says she’s bored, takes trays and exits area. Trash remains. 11) 4 electric plugs in play area don’t have kidproof plug things in em, but the odd plug that is 6′ off the ground does have them

Don’t get me wrong, I expect places to be dirty and the kids areas to look wrecked, but this customer experience failed at every level. Oh wait, one girl just came in and cleaned the tables. Hope lives!

I think we’ll stick with our Burger King on the southside of town.

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Michael the fish whisperer

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